Links to Great Videos For Filmmakers

I will be growing this list of insane videos that have helped me personally in my business. This is my personal reference page but I wanted to share it with all of you and hope it helps you in your workflow. Please note some videos will be removed and others added as I grow with my filmmaking experience.

Car Mounting DJI RS2

Drone Style Shots With RS2

Fake Drone Footage With iPhone/GoPro ( I use both for this)

This is one of the best visual guides to focal length although it's not about that. When I was trying to imagine a shot I wanted to look a specific way I use to reference this video just to better grasp what focal length would look great for my shot. There is something about this specific video that really helped me do this and nowadays its just second nature.

I Use This One A Lot (iPhone 12 Max and GoPro Hero 9)