Jeff "Mana" Walthall

This is Jeff Walthall, though he is also known as Mana because of his company name Mana Photo.

"I’ve been shooting for quite awhile now — almost 20 years. I started by shooting video: I would shoot all my friends, most of whom were professional surfers. I made a couple of surf videos and gradually got into shooting stills" --- story continues

UPDATE: Jeff "Mana" Walthall dies at 48. He passed on October 12, 2015 from heart complications doing what he loved at his beloved, Makaha Beach.

Team Hawaii, felt the waves of remorse all the way in Oceanside, California for the ISA World Junior Championships. They paid their respects to Mana by having a paddle out and also is dedicating this years triumphs to the surf photographer. You will be greatly missed Mana…..ALOHA!