Hustle, or Hustled? Adam Sandler Lebron James Team up With Netflix

The new Netflix movie Hustle is out and has left some asking, have we been hustled?

First off, Adam Sandler is in my top 5 favorite actors on the planet so I tend to give extra stars in defense of any movie with his name on it. So yeah, I am biased.

This movie overall seams like a way for LeBron James to put his name on the film industry while showcasing his buddies in the NBA while standing on the back of Adam Sandler as the real talent in the group.

I am not sure why Adam signed on to this other than he loves basketball, but that is not a reason to do this really subpar movie imho. The acting outside of Juancho Hernangómez (Bo Cruz) Adam Sandler (Stanley Beren) and Robert Duvall (Rex Merrick) is non existent. It reminds me of the horrific Uncle Drew film when any other character in the film is required to say something (act).

The plot is average. Guy gets distracted by life events and misses hi dream when man comes along and brings dream back to a possibility. Nothing amazing here but it works for the most part as we are all suckers for a good comeback story. From a filmmaking perspective it was once again subpar. I have seen better filmmaking from youtubers using iphones which may just have been what they were looking for but I noticed it and should not have in a good film.

In the end I still believe this was nothing more than the rich helping the rich get more titles under their names. This is a movie about business networking make no doubts about it. LeBron is a billion dollar man and wants to grow his empire.

I feel hustled, how about you? - Kate Holtz

RATING: 5 out of 10