Hollywood Bus Tours, Are They Lying About Celebrities?

Vic and I see the endless stream of bus tours here in Hollywood leaving with loads of tourist up into the hills on a magical tour of homes and to hear fascinating stories about the lives of our beloved celebrities. We have even followed them before while eating lunch from the car just to listen to the legendary BS they spew about the famous.

While for the most part this is seen as harmless entertainment for tourist who spend upwards of $50 bucks a person there is some ethical responsibility here. We recently learned about stories and even a lawsuit from home owners who’s homes had been targeted by vandals, crazy fans, and even people seeking to sneak scripts to Quentin Tarantino not knowing they had the wrong home.

These tours often embellish information to put smiles on tourist faces but the real homeowners, many who have nothing to do with the entertainment industry are fed up. Michael Edson’s home is one such home which he claims, in a lawsuit, that the tour company claims Julia Roberts lives/or at least lived in. He states that she has never lived in the house or even visited the home.

It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit unfolds but at minimum the companies behind these tours should be very careful about pointing to peoples private homes knowing there are people out here that will take things further than a “oh cool” a moment and move on with their lives. A lie is a lie, no way around it. Profiting from a lie is illegal so let’s see what the courts say.

Want to know where a celebrity really lives? Well, you are not going to get that information from us! We believe in total privacy for our clients and for everyone else. We all deserve some privacy especially in our own homes.

Have an amazing weekend, Kate