Going Live on Patreon?

Kicking around the idea of going live on Patreon with 3 tiers initially. Classic, Vic Stah Milien Labs, and VIP. I believe it would be the best way to communicate directly to my peeps without the minuscule share in profits from YouTube.

Classic Film Content Tier $15 Month

Our Classic Tier is for people who love film photography. It is a growing collection of images shot with 35mm and medium format cameras only. We expect to expand to shooting 16mm film as well but it is not currently available in this tier.

VIP Patron $50 Month

You know how we roll, VIP services are our specialty and we take customer service to the next level. With VIP service you get everything we offer in Hi-Resolution (HD-4K). You get images, videos, podcasts, BTS, live event coverage, and so much more. It is like being part of our dream team and you are along for the ride.

Vic Stah Milien Labs $5 Month

This tier is all about the gear we use in content creation. You will only have access to this category of HD-4K content. This is the equivalent of our YouTube channel but without ads and supporting YouTubes billion dollar strong hold built on the backs of content creators. Remember, VIP Tier users have access to all content.

Gear quick setup guides

Gear reviews

Gear "open discussion"

What are your thoughts? email me directly so I can hear your feedback: EMAIL