High Profile Individuals


Dear prospective client, my name is Vic Stah Milien and I am a Visual Artist & Storyteller based in Southern California.  I have been in the business for over 20 years and still feel as excited, passionate, and energetic about each new project I take on as I did in the beginning.  So I want to quickly explain what I do and how it can help you without wasting any of your valuable time.

My services come in three roles and I can be hired for any or all of these roles depending on your requirements.


(1) The Visual Artist - I have spent years mastering light.  It is the light that reveals everything we can imagine.  I use any and all methods of visual art to create engaging images for my clients.  Photography, Videography, and Drones, are the tools I  most use in today's competitive market. 

(2) The Storyteller - What would an image be if there were no reason for it to be in the first place?  I struggled in the early years of my career with this question.  Images were technically amazing but were missing something, that something was the reason, the "it" factor.  Today when I shoot with someone I have invested the time to know their story.  With this approach, I have been able to capture the essence of who you are.  The story should be so extraordinary people question its probability, even if you are only in the early stages of your final tale.

(3) The Promoter - I was born with an enate desire to promote people, specifically those who hustle.  I have always believed everyone is special and born with their own purpose in life.  I'm drawn to those who see it the same way and take full advantage of whatever gifts they have and build the skills to fill in what they don't. I love learning about your story, capturing it using visual art, and then telling it to the world.

I am not here to blow smoke up your ass about how special you are and then hand you an invoice.  No, I am here because I believe in you, the real you, and the real possibilities ahead of you. 

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