“We are thieves of the moment, taking every instance in appreciation of its true value.”


Vic Stah Milien takes the privacy of his clients to the extreme.  He shares nothing, ever.  That is the policy.  There is nothing shared for any reason not even by request from a client.  All of his images are shot to be used by the entity/individual.  We do not copyright images for clients, you will own the images outright in their edited form unless we are paying you for a shoot.  Vic can be paid on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom project basis. He travels all over the United States but does not travel outside the USA or by plane anymore.


Vic is a Professional Lifestyle Photographer and travels year-round.  He never travels by plane so scheduling must be done in advance.  Vic Stah Milien loves skateboarding, surfing, skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, travel, exploring, and deep conversations on a variety of subjects.  He is an autodidact and avid reader.  Vic is also an entrepreneur and invests in companies as well as runs multiple companies in Texas.


Vic is from Texas and has a ranch outside of Austin, Texas.  He also owns real estate in Malibu, Miami, and outside of NYC.


Vic Stah Milien believes that wealth is wasted if it is not used to better the lives of those who are less fortunate.  His favorite charities include Arkansas Children's Hospital, Tim Tebow Foundation, and various Foundations that support saving forests and animals.  If you have a cause and a need please feel free to contact us about fundraisers and collaborations..

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