"We are thieves of the moment, taking every instance in appreciation of its true value" 


Vic is a professional creative and enjoys pushing himself to new levels, so there are NO projects out of the scope of his talent.  Anything that needs to be created and capture by a camera is a provided service.  That said, the focus of our team is on high-profile clients requiring artistic lifestyle, fashion, and advertising imagery.  We also offer social media packages for influencers.  Please contact us using the booking link below for more info.

Booking (book using this link)

Vic can be paid on a daily, weekly, or custom project basis. He travels all over the United States but does not travel outside the USA or by plane at this time. Please book 2-3 months in advance as we are extremely busy.  COVID19 protocols have impacted overall production cost and we hope to find ways to stay safe together and keep these additional costs to a minimum.  We take this very seriously.

Photography Rates *subject to change without notice

Creative Fee: $8,000 Day

Travel Rate $2,500 Day

Usage Rates: TBD

Hair & Make up Rates: $760 Day

Equipment Rental Fees $2,000 Day


Hasselblad H5D and H6D-100c Medium Format, Hasselblad HCD 24mm f/4.8, HasselbladHCD 28mm f/4, HasselbladHC 35mm f/3.5, HasselbladHC 50mm f/3.5, HasselbladHC 80mm f/2.8, HasselbladHC 150mm f/3.2, HasselbladHC 50-110mm f/3.5-4.5, Profoto Lighting, Fujifilm GFX 100s, Fujifilm GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR, Pentax 67 Film Camera, Cambo WRS-1600.


Vic is a Professional Fine Art & Lifestyle Photographer and travels year-round.  Vic Stah Milien loves skateboarding, surfing, skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, travel, exploring, and deep conversations on a variety of subjects.  He is an autodidact and avid reader.  Vic is also an entrepreneur and invests in companies as well as runs multiple companies in Texas.


Vic is from Texas and his main home is in Austin.  He works predominantly in California, Texas, Miami, and NYC and can be in these locations typically within 24hrs.


Vic Stah Milien believes that wealth is wasted if it is not used to better the lives of those who are less fortunate.  Please feel free to contact us about fundraisers and collaborations.

Privacy Policy

Vic Stah Milien takes the privacy of his high profile clients to the extreme.  He shares nothing, ever.  That is the policy.  All images shot by Vic Stah Milien are © at the time of capture and exclusively owned by AXDVXN, LLC (Vic Stah Milien).  For licensing fees, stock image portal, or other uses please contact us. AXDVXN

"Money is a tool, not a passion" - Vic

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