Fine Art Booking

This page is for Fine Art Booking information only.   For Commercial Bookings please go here

Fine Art Photography

Vic shoots fine art imagery with other creatives throughout the year.  Most of these images are for Print and are not online in public view.  To view prints currently available please contact us with your information and a sales rep will reach out to you.  CONTACT

Art Models

If you are a model you will be paid a creative fee and the images will be exclusively owned by Vic Stah Milien.  All models are required to sign a release and NDA.   These shoots are for professional art models with a reputable history of great work ethic, creativity, and passion.  We work with the best art models in the industry!


Up-and-Coming Art Models

Vic is always open to working with up-and-coming art models so long as they show up ready to work and have a positive attitude.  Compensation is directly tied to experience in art modeling (acting and ballet/dance can both be considered towards experience level).  Please read below for further details.  You may be required to shoot a short selfie-style video prior to an in-person meeting if you are new to art modeling.

Booking Process

Models are thoroughly vetted prior to fine art shoots if they are not already highly recommended creatives.  We are looking for creatives with a passion for art.  The first step is communication.  Vic requires email or text for this.  He absolutely hates working through social media.  Vic works with many high-profile individuals and understands privacy to the extreme..  The second is planning out a date, time, location.  The third is setting up the details of the shoot and booking. the time.  After this Vic will be in contact to work out things that come to mind after booking and to keep in touch about our upcoming shoot.  Typically this is done once a week and is kept short and sweet.  The night before the shoot he will be in contact to make sure everything is good to go and give any last-minute details if required.  We shoot on location and in studios all over the world.


Experienced Art Models: Rates vary depending on experience level and project requirements.  Vic pays for experience!  IF we are shooting to work on creative ideas for future prints I MAY share some of the images we create together on top of your pay for services rendered.   If you think some of the images will add to your portfolio and want to use any of them we can discuss this after the shoot.

Inexperienced Art Models:  If you are new to working with Vic and have very little experience in his style of work you will be offered TFP or Paid options.  TFP is to help you build your portfolio in the creative world beyond standard modeling and for Vic to get to know you and see if there is artistic chemistry for future paid print work.  TFP images are NOT shot for print and maybe selectively released from time to time online.  You will have access to these images if you are shooting TFP.  However, you can choose to be paid up to $65hr for the work but receive no license or permission to use the images.  You are making a business decision here.


Hasselblad,  Profoto,  Manfrotto,  Nikon,  Canon,  Sony,  DJI,  GoPro


Vic works predominantly in California & Texas and can be in these locations typically within 24-48hrs.  That said he does travel and can shoot anywhere in the world for the right project.


Vic Stah Milien believes that wealth is wasted if it is not used to better the lives of those who are less fortunate.  Please feel free to contact us about fundraisers and collaborations.

Privacy Policy

Vic Stah Milien takes the privacy of his high-profile clients to the extreme.  He shares nothing, ever.  That is the policy.  All images shot by Vic Stah Milien are © at the time of capture and exclusively owned by Vic Stah Milien.  For licensing fees, stock image portal, or other uses please contact us. INQUIRY

"Money is a tool, not a passion" - Vic

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